Classic City Homes was founded in 1985.  President Byron Wetherholt decided to start up a small home building company after his 1980 college graduation and subsequent work at Howard S. Wright and Arco construction in prudoe Bay Alaska. Wetherholts background in construction is extensive but Wetherholt knows that location is truly the key to any real estate investment.   His first home located on a tree lined street in the popular Green Lake District is still the excellent home buying investment today that it was when it was sold new twenty five years ago.  

  Wetherholt has never been a builder that only looks for the low cost, high volume quick turn over home building projects. He has an experienced sense for the growing value of the investment his future buyer would appreciate His projects have always been planed around the quality of the location and the aesthetics of the neighborhood.   His experienced eye has brought quality of construction to these projects.  He truly wants your investment to stand the test of time.  A home built by Classic City Homes is an exceptional investment because it will endure. 

  If you are a current owner or a prospective buyer we at Classic City Homes have your long term interests in mind.

Unique. Elegent. Enduring.
Unique. Elegant. Enduring.